Stay present

Derby week.

I kind of hate derby week.

I especially hate this one.

There is so much going on. So much vitriol (yes, I totally stole that word from Merritt), so much derision, so much… expectation. The hopes of an entire season rest in this one match.

And I won’t be there.

I’ve struggled with this all week. And I think I’m making the right choice. I know I’m making the right choice. A friend, one of my oldest friends, needs some support and I’m choosing her over the derby. I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to figure out how to be in two places at once but, alas, I’m mortal and I’m needed elsewhere.

“You need to be present where you are.” These are the words one of our elders gives to me when I tell him I won’t be at the match. Be present where you are.

And I give them to you with a few more words: unity, togetherness, family. Those, too, are his words.

So be present in the moment. Remember for me every minute of the match, from two hours before to an hour after. Be present and remember.

Be together. Be united. Be strong and loud and proud and confident. Be an Army. Be the Army that raises this club. Again.

The world will try to tell you that soccer (or football or fitba or whatever you choose to call it) games are won on the pitch and not in the stands but I will tell you otherwise. You impact this game. You influence these players. You can change the run of play. You’ve done it before. You will do it again.

Do it for me. Bring me three points and the Cascadia Cup.

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3 thoughts on “Stay present

  1. Well…I have to say, you made the right decision.

    The Boys needed to come out sharp as a knife and with a tactical plan to carve the Flounders apart. Instead, what turned up was what we’ve been seeing most of the season; a team that played just well enough to keep themselves in the match without really showing any soccer intelligence or creativity.

    The lack of a playmaking midfielder REALLY showed today. With Nagbe and Alonso pretty much neutralizing each other there was no real threat from the Timbers’ center of the pitch. The result was everything had to go to the wings; Franck Songo’o played his usual try-and-take-everything-inside match and was stymied, and Sigi had (and I know this is a shock to those of us familiar with Timbers “coaching”) actually studied the films and had a plan to deal with Sal Zizzo; Gonzales would front him up and stop his runs and then one of the midfielders (usually Evans) would collapse back on him and pick his pocket. Result? Not much.

    Dike had his usual energetic match, but without a clinical strike partner he was also reduced to his usual poor-first-touch-bang-it-wide-or-off-the-post. He and Zizzo were REALLY out of synch. And, again, the other teams are adjusting to his wrecking-ball runs, and we had no Plan B. Gavin stuffed the bench with forwards and then used none of them until late in the match (and then his choice, Mwanga, did little to change the dynamic). Boyd, who has been murder against Seattle, went unused, as did Fucito.

    Anyway, it was a spastic match with a lot of pretty ugly play, and the man in the middle was – no shock here, either – Salazar, who lost control of the match in the first five minutes and let it degenerate into a foul kicking bout. The league really needs to send this guy to referee U-12 matches or something. He’s awful.

    So now we need at least a draw against both Seattle and the ‘Caps away. My heart wants to believe we can do that. My head says my heart is a soft git with delusions of Timbers’ adequacy…

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