Scouting Seattle

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, but real life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes!

It’s a big week for the Timbers. The Whitecaps’ 4-0 trouncing of Chivas USA finally took Portland’s play-off hopes out the back and put a bullet in its head before coming back inside to tell little Merritt that they had gone to a better place. But the week can still end with celebration as the Timbers take a road trip to Snake Mountain to face the Sounders knowing that a draw would be enough to secure the Cascadia Cup.

A crowd of over 60,000 is expected for the match putting a lot of pressure on the Jumbotron operator to tell them what to chant.

I prepared a scouting report than started out a short overview of Seattle and grew into something that even I thought was too long to put on the site, so here it is in PDF format if you want to read or download it. I’ve seen far too much rave green over the past few days. It’s not good for you.

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Short version: Seattle will seek to play at a high tempo; Rosales and Montero and key to the creativity going forward but they will also use Johnson’s height as a weapon, so winning the second ball will be crucial; they’ll push their wingers and full-backs high, so we should look to hit them on the counter here; quick, crisp passing is the key to unlocking the Seattle midfield and defence; set plays (both defensive and attacking) will be very important.

A battalion of the Timbers Army will make the trip north to support the team, hoping to put the Cascadia Cup to bed before the match against Vancouver next week. The team will be without Hanyer Mosquera through injury, though hopefully Diego Chara will be back to give some drive to the midfield.

It’ll hopefully not be so long between posts in future but things are getting hectic at home so no promises. As always, if you want to write something just get in touch!

Bring home the Cup!


6 thoughts on “Scouting Seattle

  1. Another fantastic write up. I needed something to read that would drown out the right wing orgasmic screams about Governor etch-a-scratch. I go into this match with many of the same worries I had about the debate, with a draw being a win, that we will lack the killer instinct to land the knockout punch. I hope the boys in green want the no wins on the road monkey off their back as much as the Cascadia Cup.

  2. Well done.

    My heart wants to believe that the Boys can pull off an away draw and stick a Big Green Finger in the eye of the Colossus of the North. My head says that this team hasn’t the discipline and the technical skills, and the interim ginger the tactical acumen, to hold off Johnson, Montero & Co.

    A smart, skilled, disciplined team would play a tight-marking, aggressive defending match, keep their shape, and press forward on the counter to snuff out attacks and force Seattle on the back foot all night to come away with the nil-nil draw (I don’t kid myself that we can score on them…). This year’s side? I’m afraid that they will make at least one – but probably several – careless errors that will put Seattle in on goal early and then let them sit back and force us to chase.

    Dammit, Boys, I want you to run out there and prove me wrong. Bring the Cup back to Portland! Onward, Rose City!

    1. You stupid ginger git. What the hell did you do with the backline? Wallace for Smith? Futty instead of Brunner? Fucito instead of Mwanga?

      We were schooled and you should be handed your pink slip tomorrow for assembling this mess and being as inept a matchday manager as I’ve ever seen.

      This season is now officially a disaster.

      1. When I saw the starting lineup I went from anxious and nervous to pissed and resigned to a 3 or 4 nil loss. I was hoping for a miracle but we needed more than a miracle to save this stupidity.

  3. Holy crap. Thorough writeup. Well done. Too bad the interim coach wasn’t listening. We all kept wondering where the bunker and counter Timbers were as we set another run at your back four.

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