Playing around with photoshop, and bored – it’s a long offseason, after all – I was messing around with some fantasy Timbers kits based off some existing designs and, with nothing else going on here, I thought I’d throw them up here for the hell of it. Enjoy, or not!

“Ghost” stripes

“Ghost” stripes (alternate)

Thin stripes

“The Golfer”

“The Golfer” (alternate)

Thin hoops

Viva Cascadia

Viva Cascadia (alternate)

Red Stripe

City of Portland


“Ghost” hoops


Cascadia Green

More kits this way.

15 thoughts on “Kits

  1. Unfortunately, the Cascadia variations look too Vancouver’ish to my eye. I like the attempt to use the PDX flag design feature; just not sure how I’d make it work.

  2. Fun!

    I think the green plus blue on the white kits is not going to fly because they are Seattle colors.

    I generally prefer simple unfussy designs, but I really like City of Portland. Ghost Stripes Alternative is good also.

    Stripes and hoops–not for me.

    1. “I think the green plus blue on the white kits is not going to fly because they are Seattle colors” – I knew there was a reason I instinctively shied away from those Viva Cascadia ones… Overall, great designs Kevin!.

  3. Love the Portland flag kit; I think if you did that one in white or light green that’d work in place of the “retro-white” third kit that I’ve come to dread because we seem to play so poorly wearing it. And I’m in favor of all things hoops; the USL Timbers had a “Celtictimber” hoop jersey in the early Oughts that I thought was a classy kit. So I like the return to that look.

  4. Wow… I love the vast majority of these! My favorites are: both ghost stripes, the alternate golfer, thin hoops, ghost hoops, and my main favorite: Tartan!

    Realistically, I would buy, and frequently where almost every one you made though. I honestly like all but about 2 or 3 of these better than our current kits. It would be awesome if next year we had the Tartan as our primary, the red stripe secondary, and the alternate viva cascadia as a third. (I really would love a black kit too!)

  5. i love the concept of the city of portland kit…without the hoops. make the design a bit brighter and large enough to envelope the whole jersey and i’d buy one in a heart beat!

    oh, and the white rose city on the next page is my absolute favorite of all time! it is stunningly beautiful! watching that rose crest come at you would make any opposing player take notice…

    clearly you’re a man of many, many talents!

  6. I think it’s time to say now that at least the ’13 replica kits are leaked you should throw all of these ideas at the timbers front desk. Love the Tartan and City of Portland, as for cascadia green gotta drop the blue and at least change the rave green to neon like like the 11-12 kits. Your ideas are great but i think it wise to keep argyle out of football.

    Much Respect

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