More Kits

I’d made a few more kits than I posted up earlier, and feedback was generally pretty good, I thought I’d post the rest that I didn’t get round to putting up. A few different ideas this time.

The Shadow of JWF



Mellow Yellow

More tartan

White rose

Flying V


Red, White & Green

Old school

Back in black

You can see all the kits on the facebook page.

13 thoughts on “More Kits

  1. ughhh…you didn’t do a camo…this series is definitely straying a bit, but I appreciate stretching the imagination. My favorite was the thin hoops on the first series with the black collar. I do not like Man U as a team, but their white kit this year is absolutely wonderful. It is clean and classic and that short collar is perfect. I nearly picked one up just for the style, but didn’t as I don’t want to be seen as some poseur fanboy. A take on that kit for PTFC would send me over the moon.

  2. Well, I love the old badge, so “old school” rocks with me. But I also enjoy the “White Rose” – that is one kick-ass jersey. Hoops are always in style for me, and I also like the black-on-gray strip with the outline of the Jelly – from a distance it would look a lot like the old solid black kits we wore in the last years of USL.

    Overall some fun ideas to play with during the Silly Season…

  3. This is awesome. I like several of these (and the ones from the original post) far better than any of our three current kits. How about setting up a voting system to collect feedback?

  4. Love the rose kit,the grey with the Jelly on it, and the retro from this set. I like the ghost hoops,Cascadia green, and the tartan one from the other set. I would love it if they did a true retro set with short shorts and net shirts- our boys would look smokin’ hot!

  5. What Danny said, plus the tartan and golfer from the first set. Starburst is #1 – I would buy it in a second and wear it with pride.

  6. I actually like these better than the first set (they were great too).
    Not crazy about the patten on the camo or the sponsor ‘box’ on the more tartan.
    Shadow could bring Home to the Road (something obviously needed).
    Mellow Yellow (yes)
    Flying V (yep)
    Bring Ghost stripes from the first page too!

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