Timbers acquire Ryan Johnson, Milos Kocic from Toronto FC

The Portland Timbers continue to be incredibly active during the MLS silly season as they announced another trade this morning. The Timbers traded Joe Bendik, their 3rd pick in the 2013 Super Draft and allocation money to Toronto FC for forward Ryan Johnson and goalkeeper Milos Kocic.

Additionally the Timbers announced that they have acquired the No. 2 spot in the allocation order from Chivas USA in exchange for the No. 3 spot in the allocation order and either an international slot for the 2013 season (through Dec. 31, 2013) or a second-round draft pick in the 2013 SuperDraft, should Portland acquire a second-round pick.

The Timbers are Ryan Johnson’s fifth stop in MLS. Discussions about Johnson’s abilities usually revolve around ‘potential’. In two seasons the Timbers haven’t had a player hit double digits in goals. Johnson did it in 2009. Can he do it in 2013 for Caleb Porter?

Milos Kocic got his opportunity to be the starting goalkeeper for Toronto FC after Stefan Frei went down with a season-ending injury. Like Frei before him, Kocic fared pretty well despite being plagued by horrific backline play and team defense. If Kocic stays, he can definitely contend for a starting goalkeeper position on the Timbers.

While there’s no doubt this is a move which improves the overall talent level of the Timbers, the intriguing part of this deal is the trade for the second spot in the allocation order. Does this mean that a U.S International/Men’s National Team player is coming back to play in MLS? In his Extra Time Radio interview Gavin Wilkinson mentioned getting another forward (Ryan Johnson apparently) and wanting another center back. Does this portend a Carlos Bocanegra return to MLS? Let’s hope so.

13 thoughts on “Timbers acquire Ryan Johnson, Milos Kocic from Toronto FC

  1. I agree. I’d love to have Bocanegra.

    With the acquisition of Johnson, we can also speculate now whether the Timbers will acquire the final Oregon State player in MLS (Alan Gordon). By the way, Robbie Findley also went to Oregon State.

  2. Any time you can get a proven MLS goal scorer boasting a career average of 1 goal every 5.63 matches, you have to do it.

    1. I’m not sure Johnson is a proven MLS goal scorer, but word around MLS is that he has the potential to be. His goalazo against Seattle certainly gives us reason to be excited.

    2. That said, I still think Johnson has quality and improves the overall talent on the roster. At least we’re bringing in quality MLS talent.

    3. It’s not that I hate the Bendik/Kocic-Johnson trade.

      But, still…ANOTHER forward? And another keeper swap? Makes me want to drop by the offices and rap on some foreheads; “Guys? You know that forward and keeper are the two places we’re NOT troubled with…or don’t have enough of…right..?”

      The one hope I have is that this is part of some sort of cunning plan where somehow the pile of allocation cash, the allocation spot we got from Chivas, and a couple of our surplus forwards all suddenly become a weapons-grade playmaking midfielder like Bumblebee transforming from Camaro to giant robot.

      Timbers, roll out!

      1. I admit, the keeper swaps drive me crazy. The key to this trade most likely will be that allocation pick. That and the weapons-grade playmaking midfielder transformer you mentioned.

        Seriously though, with the glut of forwards and gks, GW & CP probably aren’t done dealing.

      2. That’s my hope. We still need that “MLS-quality fullback” piece, too, since Smith is headed back to the Auld Sod. Looking to the New Year with crossed fingers.

  3. This seems just…kind of odd. Not the swap for Bendik, who I always felt was interchangeable with Gleeson, as much as trading him to stockpile yet ANOTHER forward. Kocic seems like a good piece, tho it’s hard to tell how good a keeper he really is with the horrible TFC backline ballooning his GAA stat.

    But – and I hate to keep harping away on this – right now we desperately need a decent starting fullback and an ACM/playmaker. This trade just seems like a wash…outside of the allocation spot.

    That DOES look interesting. Between the allocation and the warchest of allocation cash we’ve been stockpiling, I wonder if the FO has their eye on some-particular-body. I’m hoping it’s someone who can spark our midfield. Any thoughts on who’s out there and potentially available?

  4. We didn’t give up much at all for Ryan Johnson and Kocic…. I mean a third overall pick and Bendik for proven MLS player with upside. The reason you trade to your strengths is to be able to address your weakness with more leverage. We did just that – now we upgrade AND in a subsequent move fix our gaping hole at RB.

    I love the moves today. Been a very good off-season in my opinion.

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