Game of Thorns

So here is the official list of internationals allocated to the Thorns:

USWNT:  Rachel Beuhler (D), Alex Morgan (F) , Tobin Heath (M)

MWNT: Luz del Rosario Saucedo (D), Marlene Sandoval (D)

CWNT: Karina LeBlanc (GK), Christine Sinclair (F)

Just a couple of thoughts:

Obviously the combination of Morgan and Sinclair will make the Thorns’ attack a challenge for any of the other teams in this league.  I loved watching Sinclair play at Merlo and look forward to seeing her play again in Portland.

In the times I’ve seen her LeBlanc appears to be a steady keeper with safe hands; I would consider her a good addition to the team.

Beuhler is a workmanlike USWNT defender.  I am unfamiliar with either of the two Mexico players.  In addition, I cannot find a “Marlene Sandoval” listed for Las Tri – there is a “Rubí Sandoval” who is this player identified as a defender.  Both Mexican defenders are experienced (Saucedo is 27, Sandoval 28 assuming this is the right Sandoval) but with a side not well known for its steadiness in the back.

Overall, I like what we’re getting.  Onward, Rose City!

5 thoughts on “Game of Thorns

  1. Ah. Gotcha. The press release I encountered identified her only as “Marlene” and the only Sandoval I could find associated with Las Tri was idenfied only as “Rubi” – I was guessing that they were the same woman. And she does sound like an experienced defender, albeit with a team that isn’t exactly known as a stonewall of defense…

  2. Now that I’m normal, both MWNT members have lots of caps and are considered great defenders by their national team. Quality of team is lower than US team, but very few teams have that.

    1. That’s good to know; I wasn’t able to find anything about the beyond the pure stats. Both looked like experienced defenders with multiple caps for Mexico (which suggested what you’ve said – that they had done well for the MWNT.

      Taken altogether I really do like this as a core of the team. Solid from front to back. Hopefully they will be bulked with some more young North American players and perhaps a foreign international or two.

      I’m already impatient for spring!

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