When I Root! – A Text Adventure

Football Frenzy (1987)(Alternative Software)

Last year I went on a kick of playing old games from my childhood. This time saw me going way back before my first console to the Amstrad CPC 464. I remembered one game in particular, called Football Frenzy, which had stuck with me.

It’s a text adventure where you play the part of a football manager in the run up to a big match, as your club face a bunch of crises. It was impossible back then, and still virtually impossible now due to the horrible text parser that demanded absolute precision, which was not this 9 or 31 year old’s forte.

It struck a chord with me despite it being pretty bad, and as the Timbers struggled through a difficult season the idea came to me to do a parody version of Football Frenzy, set in this disintegrating 2012 season. Laughing is coping right?

At the time I was trying to teach myself some coding, so I thought I could do something in C++, and in preparation of this I started filling out a spreadsheet with the mechanics of the silly wee game I had in my head. I figured two weeks, three tops to get it done. It would be a good learning exercise if nothing else.

A year later and I came across the old spreadsheet and, with my self studies mostly on hold, I turned to the internet to see if there was something I could use, and I found textadventures.co.uk

So what you have here is about 80% of what I did back in 2012 (so it’s kinda dated in bits) and a few little things I added in this time since it was so easy to work with the system there. Three days of work, a couple of hours a day, and much of it undoubtedly broken, here is the fulfillment of that original idea from last year. Please do bear in mind that it might be broken in parts, but as least it’s done and I can stop thinking about it now.

Now, I never said it was a good idea.

When I Root! – A Text Adventure