One Hundred And Forty Four

One hundred and forty four seconds of mayhem saw the Timbers and Whitecaps trade three goals, and ended with the teams splitting two points in a game where both would’ve had their own particular reasons for preferring all three.

One hundred and forty four is a special number, a magical one even. It’s a Fibonacci number, it’s the square of 12. Camilo’s second equalizer was the 77th goal in a Timbers MLS match this season, 77 of course being half of 144. And the sum of the Timbers players jerseys for this game? Well, it’s not 144 (blame Gambia) but you thought it might’ve been, right? It’d’ve been better if it was.

There’s a reason I’m waffling on about numbers and that’s because those one hundred and forty four seconds pretty much broke a part of my brain, and when that happens I retreat to numbers.

75:30, Camilo strikes the ball 35.1 yards out, and strikes the ball at 65 mph* and beats Ricketts low down. Not an uncommon occurrences for the big guy, whose ability to stop shots from the knee up is still, thankfully, sharp enough to see us out of Dodge, while the attack was still firing wildly into the ceiling as we went.

This puts the Caps level after Nagbe drew his name out of the annual “Score a Screamer in BC Place” hat in the first half and Jewsburied it past David Ousted.

63 seconds after the ball crossed the line to make it 1-1, Will Johnson struck the ball on the edge of the Whitecaps box after a cut back by Nagbe, and it was 2-1.

mental78 seconds and it was 2-2 and Camilo ended the scoring in the only way which was appropriate for such a ludicrous spell of football – seriously check out that chalkboard cos that is EVERYTHING in those 144 seconds – with a fucking overhead kick, because full-on Shaolin Soccer would’ve been a step too far.

More analysis will be forthcoming from CI DeMann, I’m sure, but for now I think my brain needs to rest.

Football is a helluva drug.

* distances taken from the MLS chalkboard (OPTA) adjusted for the size of the Whitecaps pitch. Times taken by me – three times, averaged out (as good as it gets)

4 thoughts on “One Hundred And Forty Four

  1. Ricketts was a monster today. In the same universe where 77 is half of 144, he makes Shaolin roundhouse kicks to keep upper-90 shots out of the net.

  2. You’re being a bit unfair to Ricketts. On that first Camilo goal Wallace redirected the ball into its final resting place. Ricketts was absolutely on fire tonight, but it’s a bit much to expect him to save that ball. FWIW Ricketts had a couple of remarkable saves well down below his knees.

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