But then the game kicks off and all these numbers go out the window...


2 thoughts on “W/D/L

  1. I’m pleased with our record on a week’s rest, but I’m very disturbed by Seattle’s record with less than a week’s rest. Plus, they looked really good against Colorado. Quick, somebody talk me off the ledge.

    1. Yeah, but then each time they came unstuck is against Cascadia sides.

      Of course, these numbers are just reflective of past results and not predictive, but I think you can see in the Timbers’ relatively poor ‘short’ performance is a team that has been beset with injuries and call-up’s, which has meant a lot of turnover on the pitch – over a week Porter has shown he can adjust well and integrate new players into an ever-evolving system, but over the shorter-term it is naturally a harder thing to do.

      But still we only lost on the road and it was in a run of 4 games in 13 days, Dallas (H, win), RSL (H, draw), Seattle (A, loss), RSL (A, loss). We haven’t lost since, and have conceded three goals in those eight games. We’ve been on a pretty consistent weekly schedule on games, so it’ll be a change for us. We played four times in October, the Sounders played six.

      Our team lately is pretty settled, with a few knocks here and there but, in general, more guys coming in than going out, so I’m not worried about continuing that trend of poor results when forced to play short turnover games.

      But really this is, as cliche as it may be to say it, one of these games where the form book goes out the window. I know Porter and the boys will want it, and if we don’t get swept away by the occasion, we’ve shown we can beat them.

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