Site Update

Well, it’s been quite a few days over here.

Some of you noticed the Indiegogo campaign I started to fund the site through 2014. After a couple of people had mentioned the possibility of crowdfunding, I thought I’d put it up and there and see what came of it not really expecting much – maybe enough to pay for a few months hosting or suchlike. Thinking it may build up a dollar here, or a couple there, I set January 25th 2014 as the closing date and went back to chasing after kids, and trying to brush up on math principles I haven’t thought about in nearly 15 years in preparation of going back to college.

Then it all went a bit crazy.

The next day I checked in to see we’d blown past the $200 “real” target I’d set for myself. Then we went past $500. Way beyond my wildest expectations. Way beyond.

So, long story short: yes, the site will be back next year. You can check out the indiegogo page for an idea of what the site will be like next year (basically, more long in-depth tactical, statistical and just plain emotional pieces from a variety of talented Timbers fans and creators) The extra money allows me to spend a bit more to ensure there’s no more “downtime” and the little extras that allow me to follow the Timbers online and off, as well setting aside some for other plans and projects down the line (podcast and e/book, primarily).

Given that there’s no football to talk about (and let’s face it, you get your Timbers news elsewhere) and that’s we’ve already blasted past the target, it allows me to get a jumpstart on laying the groundwork on the new site, ready to launch fully in Jan 2014.

Oh, and for those who have taken me up on the, ahem, campaign “perk”… Well, I’ll be in touch soon to see what I can do for you!

Thanks again to all those who have supported the site this year, and especially to those that are supporting it for next year,

PS – I’ll still be whittling away here until the new year (and others are welcome to contribute in the meantime, or in preparation of the re-relaunch) when we’ll move over the shiny new webspace, so keep us in your bookmarks till then!


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