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So what is a Slide Rule Pass? Well, it is a precise pass in football (soccer), often a ball that cuts right through a defence with such precision that it could have been measured out with a slide rule.

There. If you found this site by googling for “slide rule pass” or “slide pass rule” because some pundit used it on tv, that should clear it up for you.

If you do decide to stick around, and you really should cos it would be rude to just hit-and-run like that, then you’ll also find that Slide Rule Pass is a site dedicated to covering the Portland Timbers, with a tendency towards the in-depth, analytical and downright angry.

The site was started in 2011 as a general football site before I realised that a) they were tons of them and b) they were better than mine, so in 2012 I refocussed the site on what I was truly passionate about – the Timbers. It is run by me, Kevin Alexander, so I am the one to blame.

I’ve been a fan of football all my life, specifically Kilmarnock (who may pop up here and there) and Portland Timbers.

I love lamp.

10 thoughts on “About The Site

  1. Finally got around to checking out the site, and I’m impressed at it. Please let me know if I can do anything to help you learn more about our club over here.

    -Kip K.
    Oregonlive.com blogger

    1. Thanks. There’s not a lot of information out there about the Timbers in their pre-MLS days. I tried keeping up when they were in the USL, but it’s tough at a distance. I do feel like I’m missing out a bit by not having that knowledge of where the club has come from. Michael Orr (mao) wrote a great piece in The Blizzard about the Timbers in ’75 that I’m sure every Timbers fan has read. I wish there was more stuff like that to read – filling in newcomers like me in on the history and the characters that have played a part in the club.

      I’d love to do series on it here, but it’s way beyond me unless others want to take up the mantle. As it is, I just try and read what little bits here and there that I can.

    1. Thanks for that, Stephen. I’ve spent 2011 following the Timbers closely so I’ve picked up a fair bit! I even got to a match (the 3-3 draw with New York) – the atmosphere was amazing.

      One little note – near the end, Timbers head coach is John Spencer, not John Strong…

  2. Do you know what Kevin. I’m reading yor post and then BAM it hits me…. you look like Klaas Jan Huntelaar! Haha!

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