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An unexpected benefit of our bad luck in defense is that Jean-Baptiste has probably gotten more games than he would’ve done if things had gone according to plan. He’s still raw, but I think the point you make about his ability to come back stronger from setbacks is key. He’s got a good coach working on him, and he gets to work with/talk to the likes of Kah and Silvestre, who can mentor him and give him the benefit of years of soccer at high levels, but all that would be for nothing if he crumbled or hid after making a mistake because without that character, you’ll never be a player that can relied on when the pressure is on and a trophy are [sic] on the line.

– My words in mid July, shortly before AJB’s loss of form (as part of the defensive collective)

Seems judgement has been made. We shall see.

Evolutionary, My Dear Wilkinson

The off season lumbers on with the owner poking at a wound that fans thought had scabbed over, but it turns out might still be a little raw underneath, and the league patting itself on the back with an awards season that even Grammy organizers think is getting a bit too niche. The players are all off doing whatever it is they do when they’re not kicking a ball about most days and the fans are entertaining themselves in the only way they know how when there is no football to focus them: stoking the drama fire to keep out the cold.

The backroom staff will be working though. The work for 2014 doesn’t begin here, those wheels have been in motion for a long time, but it certainly ramps up a notch as Caleb Porter and, yes Merritt, Gavin Wilkinson start to push pieces across the table, charting the march to silverware liked generals in an old World War II war room. Continue reading Evolutionary, My Dear Wilkinson

Off Season: Goals

To fill the long months before the Timbers are back in action, and since it’ll give me an excuse to write about something other than the inevitable drama and rumormongering that will fill timelines in the absence of some kickball, I’ll be doing an occasional series on certain goals or passages of play that sum up what was 2013 for me.

I’m still weighing up whether the site will be able to run in 2014. Finally settled in Southern Oregon, it’s back to school for me which brings all kinds of drains on time and finances that would make it hard to run the site as I hoped to. Still, I do have ideas of how it could return for next season in a format more geared towards longer-form pieces that don’t necessarily have to follow the “who’s injured this week/trade rumor” news cycle. Having writers like C.I. DeMann (buy his book, seriously – it’s better than buying him a beer since you both win this way, though you could do that too) and John Lawes covering the teams from game to game took a lot of the load off me and made it a bit more fun for me, and I’d love to get some of the talented writers and watchers of the game that follow this team of ours on the site now and then to wax lyrical, and long if they want, about the topics that matter to them.

That’s all for the new year though, so let’s bring on the the goals. Continue reading Off Season: Goals