Support The Site

This runs through to Jan 25 2014, so don’t sweat anything, but if you fancy dropping a buck to put the site back up in 2014, the indiegogo is up.

Thanks to those that suggested using it, and don’t worry if you have nothing to give, or just don’t want to. It’s been too good a year to hold grudges!

UPDATE #1: Targets met. You people are the best. The site will be back, and better, next year and you only have yourselves to blame! As I said over on the indiegogo page, I didn’t really expect to hit that target. Anything above it means that I can get better equipment to carry on, and think about other ways of getting Slide Rule Pass out there.

UPDATE #1: Okay, I guess I need to think about fulfilling the perks on the indiegogo! So if you donated $25, I’ll be in touch over the next couple of weeks to arrange things. Shame we blew through the total so early/I hadn’t put a bit more thought into that side or I could’ve done other stuff, but hey ho!