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More Kits

I’d made a few more kits than I posted up earlier, and feedback was generally pretty good, I thought I’d post the rest that I didn’t get round to putting up. A few different ideas this time.

The Shadow of JWF



Mellow Yellow

More tartan

White rose

Flying V


Red, White & Green

Old school

Back in black

You can see all the kits on the facebook page.


Playing around with photoshop, and bored – it’s a long offseason, after all – I was messing around with some fantasy Timbers kits based off some existing designs and, with nothing else going on here, I thought I’d throw them up here for the hell of it. Enjoy, or not!

“Ghost” stripes

“Ghost” stripes (alternate)

Thin stripes

“The Golfer”

“The Golfer” (alternate)

Thin hoops

Viva Cascadia

Viva Cascadia (alternate)

Red Stripe

City of Portland


“Ghost” hoops


Cascadia Green

More kits this way.