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Six Degrees: Meat Face

CI DeMann is back with his first six degrees of the postseason, covering the Timbers win in the first leg of a tie against the Seattle Seahawks. Continue reading Six Degrees: Meat Face

Thorns FC: Goin’ to Kansas City…


I mentioned the last time that the upcoming semifinal match in Kansas City might be anybody’s game.

After looking back at the season past I’m still not sure who can pull off a win at the fabled Shawnee Mission District Stadium.  The four meetings between Thorns FC and FC Kansas City tell wildly different stories, and while it’s worth looking back to see what happened I’m not sure that we can predict this coming Saturday’s match from the preceding games.

It’s also probably also worth looking at FCKC’s recent form and try and suss out who we should be worried about.

But first – let’s roll tape, shall we, and see if we can learn anything from it? Continue reading Thorns FC: Goin’ to Kansas City…